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Our metal machining business is for over three decades of its partners’ disposal, serving in the area, and through them the domestic and foreign parts manufacturing needs. Our constantly expanding plant and stock of maschines ensure on-time delivery and superior quality to our customers.

Precisely producing, superior quality machined parts at a competitive price.

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Mr. Albert Mazzag obtained the business licence in 1980 and started to function as a one-man enterprise. In the 30 sqm large workshop in his family house he started only turning and locksmith works. Until the end of ’80s he worked only for the former Transdanubian Petroleum Machine Factory (nowadays DKG-EAST Ltd.).

Until 1992 he could build up a 110 sqm plant with 2 lathe machines, 3 turning machines, 2 drilling machines and a grinding machine. That time was a turning point for the company being able to fulfill higher quality requirements of new suppliers, like LOG Co.,RÁBA Automotive Components Manufacturing and Trading, Ltd. PYLON 94. Ltd., UNIFERRÓ Ltd., 3B HUNGARIA Ltd., and FEMAT HUNGARIA Ltd. Through these new companies the ready-made products of the enterprise were exported to Germany, Austria, the USA and Russia.

In 1995 two new machines – an automatic line feed turning machine and a band saw machine- were purchased. From year 2002 on father and mechanical engineer son are doing all daily managing and quality-controlling tasks together as a 100 % family-owned company.

After moving into the new five times larger manufacturing plant the firm could meet the requirements of producing larger size, weight and quantity.

’Next to fixture producing we are doing maintenance and modernization works for companies nearby. Our company meets the requirements of the standard of MSZ EN ISO 9001-2000. In terminal stage we do verifying in a modern measuring room, with 3D and other precision measuring tools. We keep on to increase our production in order to increase the number of labour.’ -said Mr. Albert Mazzag.